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Commercial Customers:

For facility managers and other commercial customers, we provide two types of service depending on your property’s traffic volumes, number of tenants and security of service requirements.

By taking out a Maintenance Agreement with us you can count on receiving Priority call out and preferential rates for unscheduled repair work, giving you peace of mind that your system is available all year round.

Any emergency callouts will receive priority response from our trained engineers and you receive our preferential callout rate.

Maintenance Agreement and Standard Response

Maintenance Agreement

  • A commitment by us to provide an agreed number of service visits per annum. We will survey your site and agree with you the appropriate number of visits taking into account traffic flows, age of equipment and the service/damage/repair history of the installation.

  • On our first visit, we will create a data file covering all relevant aspects of the site to ensure effective and efficient servicing and response to call-outs and unscheduled repairs. We will document, manufacturer and model number, the type of remote transmitters, site location and any health and safety issues. We will report on the condition of anything that may require more immediate attention. At the same time we will conduct a comprehensive inspection and make any adjustments necessary and advise on any long-term issues that you may need to consider.

  • We can agree an installment payment plan to assist in managing your budget.

  • As a registered site, any emergency call-outs will receive priority response from our trained engineers and you receive our preferential callout rate.

  • We are committed to making sure that your site and above all your residents receive outstanding customer service at all times – we are happy to receive calls and inquiries directly from residents and aim to work with you to develop an appropriate response so that all calls are dealt with to the satisfaction of your residents whilst meeting with your management systems.

  • We shall if requested maintain details of your remote control transmitters, so that in the event your residents require replacement or additional transmitters, we can arrange for pre-programmed transmitters to be delivered to your residents directly.


Standard Response:

  • Servicing and repairs at our standard rates.